Favona kids wrote song for Jonah Lomu's memorial 'in an hour'

Jonah Lomu's Eden Park memorial service was a time of sadness and celebration, but for one south Auckland primary school, it was an opportunity to pay their respects to their most famous son.

Favona Primary School were the favourites at Jonah's public memorial, lifting the mood with their song and dance. Source: Seven Sharp

While Lomu's passage through Wesley College is well known, he spent his formative years at the lesser-known Favona Primary School.

The school took a starring role at yesterday's ceremony, singing "Number 11, our hero, our friend, our legend" in front of former and current All Blacks, Lomu's family, and the media spotlight.

"Wednesday the students wrote the song in about an hour," former Favona student Matthew Faiumu Salapu says.

"Thursday recorded the song on site. Friday Junior hopped on board (and we) shot the video. Saturday we were mixing down. Then we got asked to perform here. Sunday we had a rehearsal. And Monday here we are."

Teacher Heather McHarvey taught Lomu back in the day, and was with the current students for their big outing.

"He wasn't an angel," she says of Lomu.

"He was one of the boys."

Despite that, she looks back on his time at the school, and what he went on to achieve, with pride.

Jonah would have loved this, his Favona Primary School kids perform a sweet song and dance for their idol. Source: 1 NEWS

"It was a privilege to play a little part in his life. I hope he rests in peace."