Father of five clocks up 74 days of climate change protest outside Parliament

A Wellington father of five has become the longest running protestor outside Parliament, clocking up 74 days.

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Ollie Langridge is demanding the Government declare a climate change emergency. Source: 1 NEWS

Ollie Langridge is demanding the Government declare a climate change emergency and won't leave until it does.

No matter the weather, he sets up every weekday at 8.30am – on the weekends, at 10.00am.

The father of five says he is doing this for his children and was jolted into action by a UN warning that one million species are at risk of extinction.

"This for me is not a political thing at all, this is way above politics. It's something that effects all our children, future generations, the species and it's something that can unite us all," he says.

And his family are right behind him.

"We are one hundred per cent supportive of what he is doing and I try to explain to the kids that he's trying to convince politicians to look after the planet better," says wife, Nataliya Langridge.

Until now, the longest running demonstration at parliament was the 1975 Māori land protest.

Ollie Langridge had to get permission to set up at parliament, no structures are allowed, he can't be there in the dark and he has to make way for other protests.

While it seems parliament's lawn has also become his office, Mr Langridge has another day job.

He runs a company helping film directors secure funding.

"That's one of the hard things about being a protestor, when you're dressed like a hobo against the elements, everybody thinks you're a bit of a scumbag, probably unemployed, and they think not very nice things about you," he says.

During his protest, dozens of councils have declared an emergency, more countries doing the same.

And Ollie Langridge says he won’t be leaving until the New Zealand Government signals a response.