Fashionista's new catwalk a new mountain bike park she spearheaded

The achievement of spearheading a community-built mountain bike park which is soon to open at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands saw a former fashion show producer become emotional on Seven Sharp last night.

Tiffany Holland's drive and determination has resulted in a community-built mountain bike park in the Bay of Islands.

After a glitzy past life producing fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Milan, Tiffany Holland's catwalk now is the twists, turns and tabletops of the new mountain bike park in Northland.

Ms Holland told Seven Sharp the park cost "two million, cheap cheap. I mean massive cycleways can cost 14 million. This is just a little bit."

The park has been created with more than 'just a little bit' of muscle from volunteers intent on boosting the region's tourism potential.

The idea was born out of Ms Holland and her husband Robin hitting the bike trials of Rotorua with their two daughters.

"They were whooping and screaming 'Mum this is amazing. It's better than Christmas'. That's what sold it to us," Ms Holland said.

Three years later, and after satisfying the varying interests of iwi, the Department of Conservation, commercial forestry, wildlife and archeological preservation, the park and its 21 kilometres of trails is now two weeks away from opening. 

The park is called 'Holland Days' which Ms Holland said "eludes to the days we have spent in here" working on the project.

Asked how many days that was, she became teary-eyed.

"Oh God, I couldn't count. So many. To get to here is really amazing," she said.