Farmers deliver produce to Auckland City Mission

A convoy of tractors from Waikato and Auckland have travelled on State Highway 1 again, this time to deliver fresh produce to Auckland’s City Mission.

Farmers deliver fresh produce to Auckland City Mission Source: 1 NEWS

It comes nearly two weeks after farmers and growers took to the streets around the country in their utes and tractors in protest over seven key reasons they say are increasing interference from the Government, including its "ute tax" and environmental policies.

Tractors parked up outside the Auckland’s City Missions distribution centre just before midday in Grafton, bearing flags and signs saying “don’t bite the hands that feed you” and “No Farmers, No Food.”

Commercial grower Murray Wymer says today's efforts are a continuation of the recent protest, when they also dropped off tones of food to those in need. 

“There’s 20 tractors,” Wymer told 1 NEWS. “They have come far afield as Mangatawhiri.

“We’ve come up with food for the City Mission to support the people of Auckland with not only the simple stuff, but we’ve also dropped off garlic that’s New Zealand grown. Locally produced garlic. All the food that’s been dropped off is straight from the farm.”

On the trailer of donated produce there was also brown onions, red onions, cabbage, and silverbeet that will go into food bundles.

“We need the people of the city and from lower socio-economic areas, that will receive some of that food, to show them that the food is there. It’s fresh and we care for them,” Wymer said.

There’s hopes donations to the Auckland City Mission will continue, strengthening the relationship between farmers and growers, and the community.