Family of NZ's first coronavirus victim have no idea how she caught it

The family of New Zealand's first victim of Covid-19 say they have no idea how she would have caught coronavirus.

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Anne Guenole died from Covid-19 in Greymouth. Source: 1 NEWS

Anne Guenole, 74, died yesterday morning in Greymouth.

Her grieving family want to speak out to warn others of the dangers of the virus.

“We want people to know she was the best mum anybody could ever have and she was such a kind caring beautiful lady who was so selfless with everybody else she looked after,” her daughter Diane Cummings told 1 NEWS.

Ms Cummings has no idea where her mum caught the virus.

“It was such a shock, it points out to us we're all so much at risk, it’s important to stay home because she was the most unlikely person that you would ever think would possibly somehow get Covid-19.”

Health officials think her infection could be linked to overseas travel and while she already had health problems, her daughter says she was fit.

“Her underlying health condition didn’t slow her up, she still chopped wood, did the garden and was active.”

Twenty-one Grey Base Hospital staff have had to self-isolate after treating Ms Guenole, as they weren’t wearing full PPE before her diagnosis.

After a debrief today, the nurses’ union is making changes, including making sure full PPE is available following the mass exposure.

There are currently 589 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in New Zealand.