Family First slams paedophile bail decision

The decision to bail a paedophile back to his home, which is next door to his victim, been labelled idiotic.

Source: Thinkstock

Family First NZ says Judge Anna Johns' decision exposes flaws in New Zealand's bail laws.

"A situation like this simply re-victimises the child and is hugely traumatic for the family trying to recover from the offences committed previously," national director of Family First Bob McCoskrie says.

"This sends a message to the community that the rights of offenders are greater than the rights of victims.

"For this horrific child abuse, the offender receives a punishment of celebrating Christmas at home, while the abuse will impact the child for the rest of their life.

"As a community, we are trying to say that the abuse of our young and most vulnerable is completely unacceptable and that our responsibility as adults is even greater around these young children – yet the consequences given out by the courts are completely undermining that message."

Family First NZ will seek permission from the family to write to the Solicitor General and also the Minister of Justice requesting a review of the decision.