Family First name used to trick people to gay website

The name of a Christian lobby group is being used to trick people to go to a gay website.

Family First is well known for its conservative views, including its opposition to same-sex marriage.

Bob McCoskrie Source: 1 NEWS

Now the domain name redirects internet users to the Rainbow Youth homepage.

Rainbow Youth is a charitable organisation "dedicated to helping young queer and gender diverse people".

Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie says it has happened before, with the website promoting issues that his group is against like pro-abortion or pro-euthanasia.

Mr McCoskrie says Family First has never owned the domain name and instead uses

"Imitation is the greatest form of flattery," he said.

Rainbow Youth Executive Director Duncan Matthews says he had "no idea" that his website had been linked to the domain name.

He says while he thought it was "quite funny", he did not support those who did it.

Mr Matthews says Rainbow Youth supports the message of 'family first' but not the core values of the lobby group.