Families at centre of Covid-19 lockdown breaches feeling 'entire weight of nation' as consequence — Ardern

Jacinda Ardern says the individuals at the centre of recent Covid-19 lockdown breaches that led to the latest lockdown are feeling the "entire weight of the nation" as a consequence of their actions.

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Seven Sharp asks the PM if there should be repercussions for those who break the rules. Source: Seven Sharp

Her comments came after the Prime Minister was asked by Seven Sharp's Hilary Barry if there should be repercussions for Covid-19 breaches that lead to such widespread issues for all New Zealanders.

"In terms of consequences, obviously it is not OK for people to break the rules and those who have are feeling the full consequences of the entire weight of the country right now," she said.

"So, it has not been without consequence, but when it comes to things like prosecutions that’s the job of police and that’s always the case — it’s never for politicians to decide that."

It was earlier revealed how the 21-year-old South Auckland man — Case M, who was confirmed as having Covid-19 on Saturday — became infected with the virus.

One person from Case M's family had contact with an infected person from a different family during the Level 3 lockdown earlier this month.

This afternoon, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield revealed exactly what that interaction was.

"The two mothers of the families went for a walk together," Bloomfield told media at the post-Cabinet press conference.

The mother of Case M tested positive for the virus on the same day as her 21-year-old son and was labelled Case N.

Both are now at a quarantine facility in Auckland.

Ardern today called on family members and work colleagues to keep each other on track so Kiwis can return to Alert Level 1 freedoms as soon as possible.

"I am asking everyone now more than ever to continue to back and support one another, and if that means calling a family member or work colleague out for not following the rules then we should do that.

"Do it with kindness but do it."