Fair Go: Woman's dream holiday ruined by an e-ticket typo

Clare Connolly will remember her recent trip to Perth for all the wrong reasons.

Standing at the airline counter with a ticket and being told – sorry, you can’t travel, the name on your ticket is wrong. Saying – but that’s my name! Being told – but it’s not the name on your passport so you can’t travel.

Clare was flying to Perth with her husband Jimmy, both using Emirates Skywards air points.

Jimmy’s name was correct on his e-ticket, but Clare's name had no space between the Clare and the Connolly, so, different from her passport name.

On contacting Emirates she was told that CLARECONNOLLY was her surname in her Skywards profile so that’s how they’d issued the ticket. They could fix it, but it would take a few days, and in order to make the Perth flight, Clare ended up buying a full price Qantas ticket - $1100.

Clare’s flown Emirates 10, 15 times over the years and has not had any issues with her name. She believes it was Skywards who incorrectly noted her name as CLARECONNOLLY when she made her booking over the phone. She argues that she would never have put the name in her profile herself without leaving a space between the Clare and the Connolly.

And although Emirates have now reinstated Clare’s Skywards air points, they will not refund the replacement ticket. They say they are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but say all passengers should check to make sure their e-ticket name matches their passport name.

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    Typos can be really embarrassing – they can also cost an international traveller a fortune. Source: Fair Go