Fair Go: On the trail of repeat ratbag roofer, who has left another unhappy customer in his wake

A scammer ripping off homeowners across the Auckland region is once again under the Fair Go spotlight.

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Richard Craven, who advertises his services under different names, always has the same message offering cheap, fast, reliable roofing services. Source: Fair Go

Richard Craven advertises his services on Facebook under a variety of different community pages, and a number of different aliases.

But the message is always the same - cheap, fast, reliable roofing services.

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His latest victim is Brett Subritzky. For $11,000 Richy the Roofer - as he was then known - promised to re-roof Brett's house.

"Actually he had a site running there, Richy Roofer, looked genuine," he said.

But after handing over nearly all $11,000, Brett's been left with a half-finished, leaking roof.

"I've had some real roofers in that have helped me out, luckily, and they've said the job is not a very good and they've had to spend hours repairing his mistakes."

Materials went missing, and Richy claimed they'd been stolen.

It's just the latest in a long line of excuses Richard Craven has used for not finishing jobs.

Back in 2017, he'd left an Auckland couple with a half-painted house. He told Fair Go he had finished the job, despite the programme visiting the property and filming the incomplete work that had been done.

At another job he'd been paid to install roof insulation - the homeowner later discovering there was no insulation in her ceiling cavity.

Back then, Richy was apologetic for not being able to complete the work.

This time, he ordered Fair Go off the property.

"This is private property," he said. "Please leave."