Fair Go: Pippa Wetzell undergoes two DNA tests - and gets vastly different results

Two DNA tests from two different, reputable companies. You'd think the results would be the same, or at least very similar. Mine weren't. In fact, I ended up with two vastly different breakdowns of my ethnicity.

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The results certainly surprised the co-host of Fair Go, which also investigated the risks involved with sending your DNA away. Source: Fair Go

Direct-to-consumer or mail-order DNA tests have become increasingly popular. More than 200 companies can test your DNA for a whole range of things. Here in Aotearoa, ancestry tests are popular and can be a valuable tool if you're researching a family tree.

You can also get indicators about your health, diet, fitness or even obscure things like your wine preferences, or what areas your child is gifted in.

Millions of people have been tested globally but according to one expert, we could be signing up to all sorts of things by sending off our DNA.

So what should you be aware of before taking a test? Watch the full story above to find out.