Fair Go: When outdoor furniture can’t live outdoors

Rowena Hayes bought wicker style outdoor furniture from Smiths City for her windswept, sun drenched deck, but was dismayed when it started to disintegrate after just 18 months.

When she complained to Smiths City, she says she was told the furniture should not have been in the sun, and since it was out of the one year warranty there would be no refund and no replacement.

So was this outdoor furniture not actually designed for the outdoors?

When Fair Go approached Smiths City, they said this was, basically, a dud batch, and a very small amount of product had been affected.

They have apologised that Rowena was not given this information at the time she complained, and have now offered her a full replacement or credit.

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One Whakatane resident was dumbfounded when her wicker started disintegrating after 18 months. Source: Fair Go