From the Fair Go mailbag: A selection of quirky complaints


Here's a dip into the quirky complaints that come into the Fair Go mailbox.

Firstly Denise from West Auckland asks why Countdown’s curry box is so big and the curry so small?
Source: Fair Go

Firstly Denise from West Auckland asks why Countdown's curry box is so big and the curry so small?

The box is 115mm tall. The curry inside - 50cm.

Countdown says the packaging is similar to a range of Asian takeaway meals.

"It's narrow at the bottom then higher and larger at the top, to help stop splash back.

The product weight is clearly labelled and is a standard single serve size."

Then there's Janice O'Brien and her Warehouse bill for two cents.

"Hey Warehouse I understand you think I owe you two cents. I sent you 10 cents and haven't seen the eight cents change?" she says.

Janice says her balance was zero but she still got charged two cents interest and insurance.

The Warehouse says it's sorry.

"When we received her 10 cents we tried to contact her to explain that we would have happily waived the amount for her. Our system generates statements for any amount owed and in this case the amount owing was paid, however any fees and interest are not accrued until the cycle date for that account," a spokesperson says.

Janice says just give the eight cents to a good cause.

Then there's Lynda Ballard who can't open a Syracral bottle. She's tried everything.

Well Sucaryl  says Lynda's timing is perfect. They are developing some new packaging and want Lynda to road test it when it's ready.

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