Fair Go: Kiwi solar power salesman goes missing, leaving customers thousands of dollars out of pocket

Do you know where Andrew Farmer is?

The solar system salesman has been missing since Covid-19 spread around the world – and his customers are keen to find him.

Farmer owns The Solar Company, which appears to have ceased trading since he skipped the country sometime in 2019.

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Andrew Farmer’s customers are concerned he's been travelling the world on their dime. Source: Fair Go

More than a year later, some of his customers across the upper North Island are still waiting for their solar panel systems to turn up.

“It was always us ringing them, following them up, please do you know what’s happening,” Rose Lightfoot said.

The Lightfoots – Rose and husband Jonathan - spent more than $11,000 on a state of the art solar panel system for their Northland home.

“We were sold really, it seemed like a good scheme.”

They were sold a system that doesn’t appear to exist.

“I’m not impressed with them, and I don’t like being not impressed with people,” Ms Lightfoot said.

She’s not the only one wanting answers – the Campbells spent more than $12,000 after Andrew Farmer’s sales team came calling.

“I don’t want anybody to be caught like we have… stay away from them totally,” Nev Campbell said.

For a while, Mr Farmer was plastering his presence all over social media – but he went quiet after being contacted by Fair Go.

His customers have a warning for anyone else considering a solar panel system.

“Don’t give up on the dream,” Ms Lightfoot said.

“But just be careful about your journey to achieve it.”