Fair Go: The Katy Perry gig that might be the worst concert experience ever

Promoters for pop superstar Katy Perry have apologised to a fan who missed half her concert – but they’re refusing to say what they’ll do about it.

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Seeing your favourite band, or singer, performing live should be a magical night out – unless of course it isn’t. Source: Fair Go

Perry performed in Auckland last August to a sold out crowd. However, mum-of-two Janine James told Fair Go her seats had a restricted view – half the stage covered by black curtains that hid props hanging from the ceiling.

"I'm not sure what we couldn't see, cos obviously we couldn’t see it," she said.

Knowing the venue was sold out, Janine realised the only option left would be standing at floor level – something not suitable with two children in tow.

"We sort of looked and thought, 'Oh, wonder what that is', but I guess you know we sort of thought it would disappear as the show went on."

It didn't - and the night was spent watching half a concert.

"There was no warning," she said.

"If it had said 'restricted view' we would not have bought those tickets."

After the show, she complained to Ticketmaster but months went by with emails back and forth and no action.

Ticketmaster passed the buck – blaming a lack of response from the promoter, TEG Dainty. Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Janine was entitled to seek a remedy from the retailer – in this case, Ticketmaster.

After Fair Go got involved, TEG Dainty offered an apology for the time it took to reply – but said it wouldn’t discuss a resolution with Fair Go, only with Janine.

Nearly a week later, the company has yet to email her.

For Janine, her children’s first concert experience has been a bit deflating.

"I'm disappointed... We were trying to make it something really special for them."