Fair Go: When is a jacket not a jacket? When it's made of sweatshirt material, apparently

When Julia Pearson saw a sign saying "40 per cent off all girls' jackets" – she walked straight into Queen Street store Jay Jays to buy a Hogwarts Jacket for her Harry Potter-loving daughter Sophie, aged eight.

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Forty per cent off all jackets at Jay Jays wasn’t all that it seemed for Julia and daughter Sophie Pearson. Source: Fair Go

At the counter, she was told there was no 40 per cent discount off this Hogwarts jacket, because it’s made of sweat shirting so – more of a sweatshirt than a jacket. 

Julia argued that  'all jackets" should mean "all jackets",  but as staff wouldn’t give the discount, she bought it, but felt she’d been misled, so came to Fair Go.

When Fair Go talked to Jay Jays' parent company, Just Group, they agreed they’d got it wrong. 

Since this type of jacket wasn’t actually covered by the sale, the sign should have read "selected jackets". Just Group said the sign was changed accordingly, after Julia complained. 

They also said in these circumstances, the staff member should have honoured the discount, and they will refund Julia the extra money she has spent.