Fair Go: 'Incorrect curb parking' tickets rankle trio in Auckland's Ranui

Aaron Murphy and two others received tickets for parking their vehicles outside their work in the Auckland suburb of Ranui.

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Perpendicular or parallel, what’s right and what’s wrong? Source: Fair Go

The reason - "incorrect kerb parking" - that is, parking perpendicular, or at right angles, to the curb.

The ticket came as a surprise as they've been parking at that street in the same way for well over a decade.

"There is no signage that says no. It is quite obvious that you can park this way. This is the first time in ten years," says Aaron.

He contested his parking ticket with Auckland Transport but they said that only parking parallel ensures the smooth flow of traffic and it is an offence to park perpendicular to the street.

Auckland Transport insists that parking perpendicular to the street is "extremely dangerous" as it narrows down the road and makes it dangerous for other road users.

They've also pointed out that although there are no signs in the street - they're not needed as parallel parking is the law and they "cannot waive the tickets".

But Aaron says you can get five to six vehicles parked at right angles, and only three parking parallel. He reckons that's ridiculous.

Fair Go tested Aaron's parking theory and - he was right. We've also found that parking perpendicular to the street didn't seem to affect the traffic flow.

Auckland Transport decided to proceed with the fine.

However, Aaron believes that the way he parks his car makes sense and is safe.