Fair Go: The cowboy tradie who gets paid to build fences but seems to do anything but

A fencer featured on Fair Go for failing to finish his jobs has made a return to the TV screen, but for all the wrong reasons.

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For the last three years Fair Go has been getting complaints about Neville Thomson and his fencing business. Source: Fair Go

Neville Thomson, once the owner of NTF Fencing, has been the focus of at least five complaints since 2017.

Last year he appeared on Fair Go after he left recently-widowed Genara Rudd with just support posts around her property – no fence, no gate, and he never returned her calls.

“I’m feeling lost, devastated, I don’t know why he did that to me,” says Genara.

At the time, Neville Thomson promised he’d be back. The panels did go in – but the job was never finished and Genara had to pay someone else.

Since then, Thomson’s continued operating his businesses in a similar manner.

There’s Bryan Ward, who had $15,000 awarded to him after taking Thomson to the Disputes Tribunal.

“You pay $18,000 for a new fence, expect it to be straight, and it wasn’t. And there were other issues as well,” he said.

Then there’s Bridget Farrell – she chased Neville for years, trying to get her fence built after paying an $18,000 deposit.

“I sent texts, emails, got no response so I changed phones and got a response – because he didn’t recognise my number,” she said.

Thomson eventually put NTF Fencing into liquidation and started a new business – Streamline Fencing.

That left customers like Bryan Ward and Bridget Farrell unable to even try to get their money back.

When Fair Go caught up with Neville Thomson, he claimed a debt with the IRD had forced him into liquidation, and that he’d changed his ways.

“I’d apologise to everyone because since we started the new business we’ve made an effort to answer phones, to communicate.”

And he promised he’d be in touch with Bridget, Bryan and his other unhappy customers.

He hasn’t.