'Faeces, vomit, blood, broken glass' – Auckland woman shares horror story of New Year's Eve Airbnb rental gone wrong

An Auckland woman has shared her story of an Airbnb rental gone horribly wrong, after a New Year’s Eve booking left a trail of broken glass, bodily fluid, and a memento to her dead brother broken.

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Seven Sharp’s Tim Wilson looks at one couple’s horror story. Source: Seven Sharp

Yvonne Godfrey and her husband decided to list their home on Airbnb and had a number of positive experiences.

Last New Year’s Eve, however, a decision to rent their home to a woman with one good reference took a turn for the worse, when they received a call from their neighbour’s saying it had become "party central".

Their listing was for a maximum of five people, but an estimated 50 were living up large, downing around 90 litres of alcohol in the process.

"We walked in and just went 'oh my gosh'. What has happened to our home?

"Immediately, actually, the tears sprung up for me. I just felt violated. It was faeces, vomit, blood from one end of the house to the other," she told Seven Sharp. 

The cruellest blow was damage to a memento to her Yvonne’s dead brother Peter.

"This is a plaque to my brother, who was very special in my life and died a few years ago. There was a glass heart under it, and they'd smashed that and just shoved it under the fridge."

The renter sent a "self-justifying" message to Yvonne claiming they had respected the property.

Airbnb insurance replaced the carpet, and Yvonne and her husband have pulled the listing.

She has some advice for anyone considering putting up their home: "You need multiple references. Because this girl had rented before, and she had one reasonable reference, but I don't think that's enough."