Facebook schoolyard brawl videos 'glorify violence' - psychologist

A clinical psychologist says a fight club Facebook page promoting schoolyard brawls does nothing but "glorify violence."

ONE News can reveal disturbing footage of schoolboy fight clubs has been shared around the Internet. Source: 1 NEWS

"Aotearoa Fights," which has more than 18,000 likes, features video footage of people fighting, many of whom are kids in school uniforms.

"It glorifies violence, it's certainly inappropriate, it's unacceptable, and doesn't achieve anything at all other than saying violence is OK," clinical psychologist Dr Ian Lambie said.

Dr Lambie also warned that posting such videos can have a significant effect on a young person's life.

"Young people are very impulsive, they make a decision on an instant, and they don't think through the consequences of it. This is a really sad example of that."

In a video uploaded in the past week, 15-year-old Raymond Taumalolo is shown punching another boy from Otahuhu College to the ground.

Once the boy in the white shirt is on the concrete floor, the promising junior rugby player continues hitting him in the head. Some onlookers can be heard telling the boys to "stop fighting".

Taumalolo told ONE News the video was taken in March, but he doesn't know who uploaded it.

"To be honest I got kind of angry 'cause I didn't want the video to get exposed out to media. I snapped after [a] guy was picking on me the whole of term one."

Taumalolo, who turns 16 in January, left Otahuhu recently to train with the Cronulla Sharks' U16 team in Sydney.

"Once I landed here in Oz, started training, I finally realised that ... that will just lead you into a jail cell, like my dad said."

The Facebook page also shows other fight videos apparently between De La Salle College and Manurewa High School.