Facebook page flooded with offers of accommodation for Port Hills fire victims




A Facebook page set up to help evacuated Christchurch residents has been flooded with offers of accommodation from people right across the region. 

Cashmere's Doug and Vikki Pflaum couldn't hold back the tears after losing their family home in the Port Hills fire.
Source: 1 NEWS

The page was set up 19 hours ago in response to the Port Hills fire and already has more than 2000 members.

"Hi, we live in Kaiapoi and are very happy to take anyone in need, dogs, welcome and single room ready for you to move into for as long as you need," Claire Spear posted to Facebook this morning, one of many posts offering to accommodate evacuated residents. 

Sophie Hale said her five-bedroom flat in Ilam is "open to anyone in need" and offered her backyard as a place to pitch tents. 

After losing his home in the Christchurch earthquake, James Frost has now lost his home in the blaze and he posted to the group asking for anyone to give him a roof over his head. 

"Feeling really unsettled and would be so happy if anyone had a caravan/camervan with facilities we could use for a while."

His post have received more than 130 likes, with over 50 people commenting, expressing their condolences and support. 

Others have offered clothes and food to those affected. 

"I have a lot of stuff kids have grow out of and some baby clothes to give if anyone needs any clothes pm me," said Therese Berg. 

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