Facebook likes and petitions fail to get 'Red Peak' back into flag contention

Fans of the ‘Red Peak’ flag design will be sorely disappointed to learn this morning that the flag won’t run as a contender despite its popularity.

The Prime Minister says the law would have to change for Red Peak to be included. Source: Breakfast

Prime Minister John Key told TVNZ's Breakfast today the flag won’t be a part of the referendum later this year.

“To change that now, we literally have to change the law,” Mr Key said.

“We can’t go and change that.”

Petitions and a Facebook page have been set up in favour of the ‘Red Peak’ design.

Officially named ‘First to the Light’, the design by Aaron Dustin made it to the final 40, but no further.

The flag has gained more than 13,000 likes on its Facebook page and two online petitions 20,000 signatures strong, requesting it to be added to the final four.

Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwis will get to vote on the four flags selected by the panel in the first flag referendum starting November 20.