'F*** John Key' - explosive anti-TPP video shows menacing protesters burning alternative flag in Bay of Plenty streets

Explosive new video has emerged showing a group of masked anti-TPP protesters burning John Key's favoured alternative New Zealand flag in the streets of Whakatane.

The video shows the group of three parading a sign which reads, "f*** TPPA", while one of the protesters says to the camera in a distorted voice "f*** you, John Key", before making an obscene gesture.

The black and blue silver fern flag is then burned as it flutters on a Whakatane Council flag pole, as several motorists and pedestrians can be seen watching nearby.

National's Anne Tolley has been left shaken and upset after an attempted firebombing at her Whakatane office. Source: 1 NEWS

At the end of the video a message reads: "This action is a reaction. Our land, our rights, our choices will soon be sold! I'm not for sale! My children are not for sale! Time we take a stand!"

The Whakatane Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to the incident shortly after 4.30pm on Monday at the busy intersection of McAlister St and Domain Rd.

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley, whose East Coast MP's office in Whakatane was also firebombed today, said police are responsible for finding the flag burners.

"This is something for police to investigate and I'm confident they will find out who is responsible for the attack on my office," she told ONE News this afternoon.

Ann Tolley's office was hit by a Molotov cocktail attack overnight Source: 1 NEWS

A police spokesperson said Bay of Plenty Police are currently making enquiries into the incident.

"While police are still investigating, we are unable to provide any further comment."

Ms Tolley earlier said the attack on her office was not "just a random passing act".

"There is no doubt this is anti TPP ... These acts of violence are totally unacceptable."

She aid Molotov cocktails were thrown through the window, but no fire took hold.

Whakatane District Council public affairs manager Ross Boreham told the Whakatane Beacon: "The burning of the national flag, or its alternate, should the country vote that way in the forthcoming referendum, is deplorable and will certainly not engender community support for the political views of those responsible."

The council intends to replace the two flags damaged in the attack.

Under the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981 it is illegal to use, display, destroy, or damage the New Zealand flag within view of any public place with the intention of dishonouring it.