Extremely drunk Napier man survives night sleeping in the middle of the road

A young Napier resident has reason to consider himself the nation's luckiest man after he fell asleep in the middle of the road - and somehow wasn't hurt.

This man was found asleep on a Napier road

The man in his mid-20s, who police say was extremely drunk, survived his night out without injury and without being run over.

Police found the man lying in the middle of the road near the intersection of Vautier and Dalton Sts at 4.45am on Saturday.

Oblivious to where he was when police woke him up, he did not realise he had fallen asleep on the road.

The man told police he had spent all night drinking in town. He lived just a short distance to where he was found.

Police returned him home with a stern warning about the effects of excessive drinking and the potential harm he placed himself in.

Sergeant Andrew Graham said the man had put himself in extreme danger.

"This is a classic example of what can happen when you drink too much and lose control of your faculties," he said.

"This man could easily have been run over and luckily there was not a lot of traffic in the area at the time.

"He was so drunk he had no idea what he was doing. He was very lucky that one of our patrol cars just happened to come across him."