Extra support offered to schools targeted with threats




Police say a number of schools across the country have received bomb threats over the phone today, but no specific threat has so far been found.

Police car

Source: 1 NEWS

The schools involved are working with police according to their individual management strategies, and some schools have been evacuated.

Police said they did not want to name the individual schools given the ongoing investigation and in the interest of preventing further such calls being made to other schools.

The calls are believed to be of a similar nature to those received earlier this year, which police said likely originated from overseas, despite having a New Zealand number.

The Ministry of Education says it is talking to affected schools to "offer any additional support that might be required while police continue to investigate the threats".

"It's extremely concerning and disappointing to see schools targeted in this way," said Kim Shannon, Head of Sector Enablement and Support at the Ministry.

"Schools will be responding in line with their emergency plans and will take advice from police.

"Schools have processes and systems in place to manage any threat to student safety and parents can have confidence in those measures. Student and staff safety is always paramount."

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