Expo to bridge the cultural barrier between Chinese and New Zealand builders




An expo designed specifically to bridge the cultural barrier between Chinese and New Zealand developers in the construction industry has been held in Auckland.

A top economist says the billions of dollars of Chinese investment is badly needed.
Source: 1 NEWS

The founder of the event is Frank Xu, who is also the president of the Chinese New Zealand Building Industry Association.

"We want to uplift the quality and the reputation of the Kiwi-Chinese builders," Mr Xu said.

"We want to set up good role models, and also we want to help the Kiwi counterparts to get hold of these sort of resources."

Mr Xu estimates around 30 per cent of all residential building happening in Auckland has some form of Chinese links.

The expo is an initiative the Government would likely endorse considering the seven billion dollars they estimate Chinese developers have invested in the New Zealand construction industry.

But Mr Xu said many Chinese businessmen battle against Kiwi skepticism within the industry.

"We have New Zealand's best interest at heart and we want to provide the highest possible quality services and products for New Zealand society," Mr Xu said.

"We have to accept that there are some low-quality and non-professional works in the market."

But BNZ Economist Tony Alexander said there's no evidence shoddy practices within the building industry are more common within one nationality.

"We don't seem to have any evidence of the Chinese building anything in New Zealand of lesser quality than the Kiwis," Mr Alexander said.

"And of course we've got our own reputation to worry about there, with regard to leaky buildings and other issues with construction over the past years."

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