Excuses wearing thin as police crack down on coronavirus lockdown breachers

Another 76 people have been spoken to by police after breaching the Level 4 lockdown and 29 of them are being prosecuted, with Police Commissioner Andrew Coster warning today that excuses are wearing thin.

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More than 37,000 breaches have been reported to police, including almost 7000 businesses. Source: 1 NEWS

Fourteen days into the lockdown, a total of 367 breaches have been recorded.

The vast majority resulted in warnings - more than 300 - but 45 have ended in prosecutions and 13 in referrals to the youth court.

When it comes to the website, where people can dob in others breaking the lockdown rules, more than 37,000 reports have been received.

Around 7000 of those are about businesses or other organisations, Mr Coster says.

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In the early days of the lockdown, confusion was rife around what was or wasn't allowed. However as time drags on, the details have been hammered out by authorities.

At this point, Mr Coster says people know what's allowed and what isn't, which is why more warnings and prosecutions were doled out yesterday than in the first week.

"We're now at a stage where most people do know and are doing the right thing," he told media today.

"The people we come across now are more likely to be flouting the rules."

At this stage, more warnings have been handed out than prosecutions.

The prosecutions come when people's excuses don't line up, Mr Coster says.

"Where we're prosecuting is well outside the range of what's plausible."


Work is also ramping up for police checking on new arrivals into the country.

Incoming flights are scarce, with countries shutting borders and airlines grounding their planes, and only New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are allowed in.

Currently, people are checked for symptoms upon arrival and asked for their self-isolation plan.

If they don't have an adequate self-isolation plan, they're put into quarantine by the authorities.

Those who are symptomatic get tested for Covid-19.

Yesterday saw a big increase in the number of face-to-face checks by police to those in self-isolation, Mr Coster says.

In the last five days, 1200 checks have been carried out by police, with 575 of them yesterday.

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"We're confident that by the end of the week, 100 per cent of those arriving in the country are being visited by police as part of compliance check," Mr Coster says.

Addressing recent calls for border controls to be ramped up and all incoming arrivals to be immediately placed in quarantine, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says it's underway.

"We are considering advice this week and we will have an update off the back of that," she told media today.