Exclusive: Pregnant teen captured on CCTV inside Auckland hostel room of dangerous child sex offender under Corrections supervision

A pregnant 16-year-old girl peers cautiously out of a hostel bedroom before staggering down the hall to the bathroom.

Is the Department of Corrections able to adequately monitor the 221 offenders subjected to extended supervision orders? Source: 1 NEWS

This exclusive report from Paul Hobbs and Lee Taylor.

We don't know if she's drunk, stoned or sick but she clearly doesn't want to be seen.

The bedroom she's come from is that of a repeat child sex offender. He's her boyfriend's father who's supposed to be under strict supervision by the Department of Corrections.

He's got five convictions for incest, and another two for indecently assaulting extended family members. He's also raped an adult neighbour. He's considered highly likely to commit another sex attack against a female he has easy access to.

"It's certainly not ideal to see young women in the rooms of these types of offenders," says Jeanette Burns, who's the Northern Regional Commissioner for the Department of Corrections.

"As soon as we were made aware of that footage we referred that to police immediately to make sure no crime has been committed," says Ms Burns.

"They have come back and confirmed there has been no crime committed."

The man has broken hostel rules by having females in his room but Corrections says there's nothing in his Extended Supervision Order (ESO) which prevents him doing so, even though authorities consider him highly likely to groom and attack a female like this young woman.

The closest the ESO comes is a condition requiring him to inform his probation officer of any developing relationships with either males or females.

They're making a mockery of the system. This guy is thumbing his nose at everybody - Ruth Money, the spokesperson for the Gotingco family

Corrections doesn't consider the teenager falls into that category.

Second paedophile enters bedroom teenager is in

Our footage also shows another paedophile entering the bedroom while the teenager is there. And we know that at least one more was living in the hostel at the time.

All three of these men are subjected to Extended Supervision Orders because of their high risk of re-offending.

"They're not worth the paper they're written on, they're all bark and no bite", says Ruth Money, the spokesperson for the Gotingco family.

Blessie Gotingco was raped and murdered by paedophile Tony Robertson while he was subject to an ESO in 2014.

He deliberately ran her down in his car, raped and stabbed her numerous times. Her family's been campaigning ever since to get tighter monitoring of these offenders.

"They're making a mockery of the system. This guy is thumbing his nose at everybody."

Our footage, which was filmed over two nights in December, also shows the man letting his son and the teenager out of the hostel hours after they entered.

They know they're being watched. His son does a brown eye for the security cameras.

A spokesperson for the family of murdered woman Blessie Gotingco says the paedophile is "thumbing his noses at everybody". Source: 1 NEWS

'No respect for the system'

"There's no respect for the system," Ms Money says. "They thumb their nose at the system and get away with it. No-one is stopping them."

The man in question has breached his ESO six times since it was imposed in 2013.

"We're continuing to monitor those offenders to the very best of our ability with the tools that we've got within the legislation," Jeanette Burns says.

Corrections Minister Louise Upston told 1 NEWS she was going to make people who repeatedly breach their ESOs a priority.

"If an offender is breaching on multiple occasions they're basically signalling that they're not living up to their obligations under the monitoring regime and I want to look at those ones more carefully," she said.

Two hundred and twenty one former inmates were subject to ESOs at the beginning of this year. ESO's are reserved for our worst sex or violent offenders who are considered very likely to reoffend.

The orders are supposed to mean those people remain "visible" to relevant agencies and risks are quickly identified and managed.

Police confirmed late this afternoon the man has been arrested, 1 NEWS is unsure of the charges.

This video has been edited for brevity's sake but remains an accurate representation of events. Source: 1 NEWS

Hamilton shooting which left man in hospital was 'targeted attack'

Police say the shooting of a man in Hamilton last night was a "targeted attack".

The incident occurred on Derby Street at approximately 10:25pm yesterday, leaving a 35-year-old man in Waikato Hospital with moderate but not life-threatening injuries.

The man is in a stable condition in a high dependency unit.

Hamilton City Area Commander Inspector Freda Grace said a group was involved in the attack.

"Investigations so far have established a group of offenders arrived at Derby Street and approached a house they believed belonged to the target of their attack and knocked on the door," she said.

"A man who lived at the address opened the door and an altercation occurred. He was uninjured but understandably shaken by the event.

"Following this, the group of offenders went to the house next door. A number of shots were fired and the 35-year-old man they were targeting was hit inside his address.

"The group have then fled the scene in vehicles."

Police are continuing a scene investigation today but it is not yet known whether the incident involves members of organised crime groups.

Inspector Grace says there is nothing to suggest the shooting is connected to a number of serious incidents involving people being harmed across Waikato in recent months.

Police are keen to talk to anyone who was in the area around 10:25pm yesterday who may have witnessed anything suspicious or have information of interest to the investigation.

People can contact Hamilton Police on 07 858 6200 or call Crimestoppers anonymously via 0800 555 111.

The incident took place in Nawton at 10.25pm yesterday – the offender fled the scene by car. Source: Breakfast


Pet food company fined $90k over employee's ill-treatment of bobby calves

The owner of a pet food plant has been sentenced for allowing one of his employees to ill-treat bobby calves.

Alan Cleaver from Te Kauwhata has been sentenced in the Hamilton District Court to six months community detention and 180 hours community work.

His company, Down Cow Limited was fined $90,000 dollars.

Mr Cleaver has also been banned for five years from having anything to do with the ownership or care of farm animals.

Charges were laid against Mr Cleaver, the company and an employee following secret video taken by the animal rights group, Farmwatch in 2015.

The employee, Noel Erickson was originally sentenced in 2016 to home detention but this was reduced on appeal by two years in prison.

Noel Erickson's actions were exposed by TVNZ's Sunday programme and caused widespread anger and disgust. Source: 1 NEWS


Calf. Source: 1 NEWS



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Fine weather for most of the country today, a few scattered clouds otherwise clear

TVNZ weather presenter Dan Corbett gives the latest update. Source: 1 NEWS