Exclusive: Killer Beez gangsters captured recklessly swarming South Auckland streets on stolen bikes

Police say they are unable to pin down traffic offences committed in footage which has emerged of South Auckland street gang members riding motocross bikes recklessly on public roads.

The footage has only been posted online within the past month, but police told 1 News Now it shows a period of time around March of 2015, when large groups of Killer Beez gang members took to riding around the South Auckland suburb of Otara.

In the videos, riders identifying with the Killer Beez can be seen doing long wheelies at speed on public roads, riding at speed on footpaths and close to on-coming traffic on the wrong side of the road.

It shows a complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others - Inspector Rodney Honan

A police spokesperson told 1 News Now the offending was difficult to police due to the mobility of the vehicles involved.

Counties Manukau District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Rodney Honan, said "a number of steps were taken at the time to reduce any risk to members of the public, including the use of Eagle Helicopter, our District Command Centre and patrols."

"Our intelligence team also noted the vehicles being used and took steps to try and identify those involved. This was unsuccessful."

Many of the bikes shown in the videos appear to lack number plates, and 1 News Now understands that some of the bikes were stolen property.

We urge anyone who witnesses this type of behaviour to contact police immediately - Inspector Rodney Honan

Police said the bike gangs seemed to have been inactive since footage was filmed last year.

"While we have not seen this type of behaviour for some time, it shows a complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others," Inspector Honan said.

"We urge anyone who witnesses this type of behaviour, or knows that people may be in possession of stolen goods to contact police immediately."

Who are the Killer Beez?

The Killer Beez are a large South Auckland street gang which was formed in 2003 in Otara.

They base their style and activities on Los Angeles street gangs, dressing in yellow colours with jewellery while also showing appreciation for various forms of rap and hip-hop music.

They were formerly headed by Josh Masters, who was known for his kickboxing as well as for being a former vice-president of the Tribesmen motorcycle gang.

Masters was arrested as part of a large police sting in 2008 along with members of both the Tribesmen and Killer Beez.

He was subsequently charged with money laundering, supplying methamphetamine and conspiring to supply methamphetamine, and was convicted in 2012 before being sentenced to 10 years and five months in prison.

It's believed that there are still hundreds of associates, and there are more than 100 confirmed members currently in prison.