Excitement short-lived for Bethells Beach resident when Dom Perignon bounty turns out to be cocaine

Bethells Beach resident Leah Macfadyen was hoping for a bounty of top shelf champagne after learning from a neighbour that items had washed ashore last night.

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Bethells Beach resident Leah Macfadyen said she heard rumours about Dom Perignon, but “it was only drugs”. Source: 1 NEWS

Instead, she was disappointed to learn, it was $3 million worth of cocaine.

News of the discovery spread quickly through the Auckland neighbourhood, Ms Macfadyen told 1 NEWS today. But she first learned of it, she said, when her neighbour called about her “trip to the beach” this morning.

“I thought it was going to be something about the dotterels, because we’re all working to look after these endangered birds down at the beach,” she said. 

However, it turned out the neighbour had found some “nasty old packages" in the sand.

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The packages, found along Bethells Beach in West Auckland, are estimated to be worth $3 million. Source: 1 NEWS

“Now it’s all over the news and the [local] Facebook group,” Ms Macfadyen said.

She said it was a surprise to wake up to.

“There’s no kind of seedy underworld that we know of here," she explained. "This is a place where people come for quiet walks on the beach and to experience the wildlife and local scenery.”

Initially excited when her neighbour told Ms Macfadyen the labels on the packages were Dom Perignon, it turned out to be short-lived.

“I was thinking, 'Is this champagne that we should all be running down the beach to get some?'

“But no, turns out it was only drugs….Boring, not for me,” she said.