Ex-NZ Navy sailor who claims she was raped by colleague takes a stand for women’s workplace rights

Hayley Young says she was sexually harassed and raped while serving in the Navy and is taking the New Zealand and UK Governments to court for failing to provide her with a safe workplace.

The Hawke’s Bay woman doesn’t want pity, but says the Navy "should be a great place for women".

She and lawyer Jol Bates are also complaining to the United Nations.

They believe conventions that New Zealand has signed up to - to protect human rights and discrimination against women - have been ignored.

Hayley Young says she doesn’t want pity but wants change at the highest levels. Source: Seven Sharp

'As Employment Minister I'd expect you to know that' - interview turns sour over Maori employment figures

An interview with Employment Minister Willie Jackson turned sour after a stoush over Maori unemployment figures and the definition of targeted policies. 

RNZ's Guyon Espiner spoke to Mr Jackson about the latest unemployment statistics on Morning Report today. 

Statistics New Zealand showed overall unemployment was 4.5 per cent in the December 2017 quarter, dropping from 4.6 per cent. 

Guyon Espiner Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Epsiner pointed out Maori unemployment fell 20 per cent over 2017 to nine per cent, compared to 11.9 per cent the same time last year. 

Mr Jackson said he wasn't sure where he was getting his percentage statistics from, to which Mr Espiner replied: "Mate, I'm getting it from the press release put out from Statistics New Zealand, and as Employment Minister I'd expect you to know that, it's only four pars in."

The Statistics NZ release says: "In the December 2017 year, the number of Maori unemployed fell 8,600 (down 21.4 per cent)."

Mr Jackson had correctly said Maori unemployment fell to nine per cent, compared with the overall unemployment rate of 4.5 per cent. 

"The reality is that Maori unemployment figure is nine per cent, that's double what the general population is."

"That's totally unacceptable."

"If you think everything is hunky-dory, it's not."

Mr Espiner said Finance Minister Grant Robertson yesterday said there would not be any specific spending for targeting any employment disparities for Maori.

"That's not true," Mr Jackson said. "There has also been specific spending." He said housing and Labour's family package would benefit Maori "hugely".

Mr Espiner shot back saying, "they get the same as everyone else under those policies". 

"We're pleased things are going generally in the right direction, however the other side of it is there are still some discrepancies," Mr Jackson said.

Mr Jackson took aim at reporters who he accused of putting a "spin" on the delays in the release of Labour's list.
Source: 1 NEWS


Kiwi company recalls frozen berries from supermarkets due to possible 'foreign metal contamination'

Popular berry brand Orchard Gold has recalled a batch of its frozen berries as packets may contain metal.

Kiwi company Ffowcs Williams posted a voluntary recall notice to its website due to a possible "foreign material contamination".

The company sells several types of frozen fruits at leading supermarkets around the country, but says its Divine Duo Mixed Berries are all that are being called back.

"This recall is isolated to this specific batch of this particular product. No other products have been affected. Customers are asked to check the batch number on the back of the packet," the company said in a statement.

Ffowcs Williams advises that all berries from batch 1711131, with a best before date of November 30 2019, should not be consumed.

Customers are advised to return their product to retailers for a full refund.

More affected berries have been banned from sale today.
Source: 1 NEWS