Ex-boxer's Covid-19 contract-tracing app alerted gym clients before Ministry of Health

Dave Letele, the former boxer known as Brown Buttabean, has credited having a contact-tracing app at-the-ready for putting his gym-goers ahead of the game prior to a positive case of Covid-19 being announced in connection with his facility this week.

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The boxer gives other business owners advice if they find themselves in the same situation. Source: Seven Sharp

Buttabean Motivation in West Auckland was singled out this week during a 1pm Ministry of Health announcement as having a person who tested positive for Covid-19 pass through it on the 10th of August.

Mr Letele, who owns the gym, said once he was made aware of the situation, he was able to contact “every single person” who had come into contact with the positive case.

“When we found out on Sunday, because we have track and tracing software called Mindbody, once we we knew of the positive case we contacted every single person that had come into contact with the person.

“Before the Ministry of Health contacted anyone, everyone was already in self-isolation and had been tested,” Mr Letele said.

“Already 30 per cent of the people have come back negative.”

He told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp the Ministry of Health apologised for the surprise public outing of the business but says his best advice for businesses is to have contact-tracing software available.

“Make sure you are able to contact back and trace back everyone who has come into your workplace – and be open about it. Don’t try to hide it.

“Let everyone know if you do have symptoms to go and get tested, but before waiting for the Ministry of Health, make sure you do all the ground work first.”