Ex-Black Power killer apologises in blog, after 19 years in jail: 'There are no amount of apologies I can ever say to compensate this family for what I did'

A former gang member who ordered the killing of a witness in a Black Power assault case says the 19 years he spent in prison is nothing compared to the pain and hurt suffered by the victim's family.

Brownie Mane, who was paroled in mid-2015, has written a lengthy post on the Maori Prison Support Services Facebook page, apologising for what he has done and recounting his experiences in Paremoremo maximum security prison near Auckland.

Chris Crean, a 27-year-old father of four, was gunned down by Black Power members at his front door in New Plymouth in 1996.

Four men were convicted of the murder, including Mane who was vice-president of the New Plymouth chapter of Taranaki Black Power.

In his post, Mane wrote that the 19 years he spent in prison may seem like a long time to some.

"In my view this 19 years is nothing compared to my victims family because even though its nearly been 22 years since this crime happened I can only imagine that their pain and hurt is still very raw and that it must only feel like yesterday for them that this devastating event took place," he wrote.

"Even though I have been released and I am no longer a gang member and working in the fields that I am there are no amount of apologies I can ever say to compensate this family for what I did."

Mane continued: "I can never wipe up all the tears that have fallen by this family for their loved one so I will never be seeking forgiveness for what I've done but I will try my hardest to inform others about the devastating effects these types of crimes have on innocent victims so as to try and prevent another family from going through what this whanau is going through."

"I know I would never like this to happen to any of my children or a member of my family," he added.

"I can never change what I've done however I can change what I'm going to do with what life I have left so I'm not afraid to say that I live a pro social life now without committing any crimes.

"I am sorry for the things I've done so until I'm called back to the spiritual world I will do my best to help those who wish to be helped."

Another man jailed for Mr Crean's murder is also on parole while two others remain in prison.

Stephanie Crean.
Stephanie Crean. Source: My life journey/ Facebook

Last year, the daughter of Christopher Crean said she forgives the men who killed him.

Stephanie Crean made a statement on Facebook last July when a drama about her father's murder, Sunday Theatre Resolve, aired on TVNZ1.

Addressing the four Black Power members, she wrote: "I forgive you so that you may have peace and I too. So that our families may have peace, and so that the community may have peace also. So that the nation may have peace, because that is what is right."

Source: 1 NEWS