'Everything is on the table' - caution urged over Winston's first coalition meetings

As the nation stands by and waits for Winston Peters to make his deciding move on a government to lead New Zealand, former party presidents have warned patience is needed, and the outcome can't be predicted. 

On TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, former National Party president Michelle Boag and former Labour Party president Mike Williams revealed just what the parties would have to bring to the table to sway poker-face Peters. 

Mr Williams cited a mutual policy focus on forestry as a potential push towards Labour, and Ms Boag said the comfortable election-night majority could pull him back to National. 

However, it's a waiting game to find out who Mr Peters will choose. 

"Wait, relax, we can't affect the outcome, you just have to be patient," Ms Boag said. 

Winston Peters will meet with the parties today, but insists no serious decisions will be made before the special votes are counted on Sunday. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Boag said Mr Peters' bottom-line demands during the election are "completely irrelevant".

"In any negotiation there will be give and take. I think everything is on the table, it's very open," she said.  

As Mr Peters intended to have coalition talks after the special vote results are announced on October 7, Mr Williams said the pre-emptive talks have the function of "assuring the population that something is happening towards the formation of a government". 

"We really don't know the outcome of the election until Saturday afternoon," he said. 

Mr Peters will be meeting with National this morning, and Labour this afternoon.

He said a decision would be made by October 12. 

Former National Party President Michelle Boag and Labour Party President Mike Williams run the numbers as talks begin. Source: Breakfast

Clean-up continues after 1000s of litres of water floods central Queenstown after water main bursts

Emergency services have been working to clean up after a burst water main saw thousands of litres of water flood a Queenstown mall yesterday.

Fire crews were called in to help shut off water access in the area near Rees St at around 6pm last night.

Rees St itself, in the centre of town, remains closed.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council will reassess the situation this morning.

Thousands of litres of water flooded a mall, and Rees St remains closed. Source: 1 NEWS


Teen to appear in court after bus driver stabbed in South Auckland

A 15-year-old boy is due to appear in court today after a bus driver was stabbed in Manurewa last night.

He was arrested after emergency services were called to the incident on Browns Rd at around 4.45pm after the driver was stabbed in the stomach and neck.

He remains in a critical condition at Middlemore Hospital. 

The teenager will appear in the Manukau Youth Court. 

A 20-year-old was arrested at the same time on an unrelated matter. 

The driver of the bus has been taken to hospital in a serious condition, after the stabbing in Manurewa. Source: 1 NEWS