'Everyone has a stake in water' – Jacinda Ardern says Labour's proposed water tax won't spark Treaty negotiations




Jacinda Ardern has bitten back after Labour's proposed commercial water tax plan came under fire as having potential to open up Treaty negotiations by National. 

Labour's plan to tax commercial water use has come under fire from National.
Source: Breakfast

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson said the plan was "dicing with death" as it would overturn the policy for the last 25-years that no one owned New Zealand water. 

"It opens a complete Pandora's Box," he told NZ Herald. 

He said Labour's plan could open re-neogiations with iwi. 

"That's not necessary," Ms Ardern told TVNZ1's Breakfast today. "There are a number of Treaty settlements that explicitly preclude water." 

Ms Ardern said for Mr Finlayson to "come out and claim this would open Treaty negotiations" was a "really disappointing thing for him to do".

When asked on TVNZ1's Breakfast if Labour's water policy would mean Maori might have a claim to water ownership in New Zealand, the Labour leader said: "I totally disagree with that".

"We've always said, that everyone has a stake in water. Everyone has an interest. That's what we're asserting here."

The PM says Labour has been "speculating" on the tax rate they would put on water.
Source: Breakfast

Ms Ardern believes Labour is showing leadership on the issue and said she is yet to see what the Government will do to clean up our waterways and address the inequity of water bottlers who currently make no contribution.

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