'Everyone was fed, watered, happy and dry' – over 100 bunk down at Ruapehu lodge after torrential rain and slips cut access

The Ruapehu District has had a sodden 24 hours with heavy rains flooding rivers and causing large slips which have closed roads.

Around 120 people are stranded at the Blue Duck Station after spending the night there.

Manager Dan Steele said they used all the accommodation available to the business, spreading people around to various lodges.

"We've got several lodges on the property. So we spread people around and made everyone as comfortable as possible," Mr Steele said.

Supplies for the stuck travellers were helicoptered in last night.

"Everyone was fed, watered, happy and dry and we're going to continue with the evacuation and try and get things open again today," Mr Steele said.

To add to the drama, Mr Steele's wife is 30 weeks pregnant.

Dan Steele, manager of the Blue Duck Station, says people are treating the stay as a "little bit of an adventure" and are keen to pitch in and help. Source: Breakfast

"She's a pretty resilient lady, so she's happy, telling the kids it's just like camping," Mr Steele said.

"We've got no water and bits and pieces yet, we'll try and get that up and running today, but no, she's all pretty happy. If there's any concerns at all we'll get her out to one of the local towns but all good so far."

Mr Steele said he hoped to get the road into the Blue Duck partially open today, but with the ongoing downpour, things would have to be "played by ear".

The lodge owner said it was possible there would still be some people stuck in the Blue Duck tonight as well, but he expected more people would be helicoptered out today. 

But this hasn't dampened moral at the lodge.

"Yeah everyone's really happy, everyone's treating it as a little bit of an adventure, and they're all really keen to help," Mr Steele said.

Authorities will this morning decide how to evacuate people from the Blue Duck Station, next to the Whanganui River. Source: Breakfast