Everest Base Camp gym class nabs Guinness World Record for Kiwi men

A group of Kiwi men have become Guinness World Record holders, for taking the world's highest altitude gym class.

Nelsonian Lee Hart, along with two other London-based New Zealanders, took the class at Everest Base Camp in December.

It took the team nine days to hike to the base camp, where they took the fitness class at 5300m above sea level.

They were were also joined by "other random travellers".

Today, they received confirmation from Guinness World Record that they'd set the world record.

Mr Hart said he and his friends wanted to try and set the world record to try and show people to pursue their dreams and show people they can do big things if they put their mind to it.

He told 1 NEWS him and his team mates are feeling "very proud".

The gym class of six also raised money for charities CAIRN and Fisher House.

CAIRN is a charity for improving access to education for children in rural villages in Nepal.