Esteemed organist returns to the Christchurch Town Hall after an eight year hiatus

Christchurch Town Hall organist Martin Setchell has had an eight-year break from being at the keyboard.

The closure of the town hall after the Christchurch earthquake meant an enforced break for the esteemed musician, but now the massive Rieger organ has been fine-tuned by the Reiger company, meaning it's time to start the music again.

The Austrian organ tuners have been here for several weeks - that's because the instrument has 4039 individual pipes to check and fine tune.

Mr Setchell says he's had many engagements throughout the world but there's no place like home.

A public open day will be held next month. with the first organ concert in March set to be live-streamed so organ enthusiasts the world over can "tune in".

The building, and its centrepiece instrument, have finally been restored. Source: 1 NEWS