Erectile dysfunction medication approved for over counter sales

New Zealand men will be among the first in the world to be able to buy pills for erectile dysfunction over-the-counter.

Kiwi men will be among the first in the world to be able to buy erectile medication without a prescription. Source: 1 NEWS

Medsafe has given pharmacists approval to sell a drug to treat the condition which affects nearly half of all men over the age of 50.

Kiwi-owned Douglas Pharmaceuticals has gained approval to have their generic version of the drug - called Silvasta - available over-the-counter.

As part of the new regulations which have just been gazetted today, patients over 35 will undergo an on-site consultation with a specially-trained pharmacist. Only those who qualify will be sold the pills - smokers, men with self-reported high-cholesterol, diabetes or previous heart problems, won't be eligible.

If the patient agrees, the pharmacist will advise the man's doctor, but this is not compulsory and the Medical Association has raised its concern.

"Our greatest concern is actually the continuity of care and making sure that when men present with erectile dysfunction that a whole health assessment is done including the physical and the psycho-social," Dr Mark Peterson of the NZMA told ONE News.

Pharmacies in New Zealand already dispense the emergency contraceptive pill, test for the blood thinning drug warfarin and give the flu jab.

Selected pharmacies will be accredited to sell the pills from next week.