Environmental Protection Authority taking another look at glyphosate

New Zealand's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has announced it is "taking another look” at the controversial weed-killer glyphosate, an ingredient in products like Roundup.

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The controversial weed-killer is an ingredient in products like Roundup. Source: 1 NEWS

They've put out a call for information, asking the public to explain how they use the compound.

The World Health Organization's cancer research arm found it was a probable carcinogen back in 2015.

This led to glyphosate being banned in some countries, while still allowed in others.

“We still consider it to be safe to use, as long as people follow the instructions,” says EPA's general manager of hazardous substances and new organisms, Dr Chris Hill.

The EPA is only gathering information at this stage.

“It’s possibly three decades overdue, particularly as glyphosate is not just a minorly used herbicide,” campaigner Jodie Bruning says.

It comes ahead of a major reassessment of glyphosate use in the European Union which will get underway mid next year.

Depending on what's found, the EPA could run a formal reassessment process to help address public concern.

“Possible outcomes are changes to the controls, so perhaps controls that prevent its use in certain places by certain people, an end result could be a ban, or it could be the continued safe use of the substance,” Hill says.

The outcome remains to be seen but the public have until the end of August to provide information.