Environment Report 'a reality check' for farming


The environmental watchdog has called for more action on climate change and the "complex problem" of emissions from farming.

Environment commissioner Jan Wright

Source: 1 NEWS

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment this afternoon released her report into biological greenhouse gases from agriculture, methane and nitrous oxide, which form about half of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

The report warned if biological gases from agriculture are ignored, other sectors of the economy and taxpayers will be become increasingly squeezed.

"In a way, my report is a reality check, there are no silver bullets here, but we do need to do what we can to curb these emissions," Dr Jan Wright said.

The commissioner found including agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme wasn't the only way forward, instead outlining immediate options to reduce emissions, including making progress in planting native and plantation forests.

"It might not be the whole solution, but a million hectares of trees would make a big difference- not to mention the added benefits for erosion and water quality."

She also highlighted research into a methane vaccine, which does not exist yet, as a promising and useful area that should be ramped up.

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