English hoping he's done all he can to clinch every last vote for National on campaign's last day




Campaigning is done for Bill English after the last day of wooing voters and National is tonight holding a campaign wrap party on Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.

National were in good spirits on the last day of election campaigning.
Source: 1 NEWS

National was in party mood in the final hours of the campaign, Mr English joined today by his chief cheerleader, deputy leader Paula Bennett singing as he made his way up the North Island in his campaign bus. 

Ms Bennett led her colleagues in a rousing rendition of Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman as party members travelled to Auckland on the bus.

The National leader's day kicked off with a bite of breakfast in Rotorua and he stopped for selfies and speeches on the way to Auckland.

Mr English is confident the celebrations aren't premature, and if needs be he'll call New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on Saturday night.

"Oh yes, we certainly would," Mr English said.

If National had the same vote as the centre-left combined, he still expects first crack at leading the country.

"What's happened in the past in New Zealand is that the party with the highest vote has been the one that's formed the government...That's the presumption that we would act on. But look, it's up to the voters," he said.

Mr English has repeatedly claimed National provides the option of a strong, stable government - so would working with Mr Peters guarantee that?

"Well look, it could be a challenge to work with any particular coalition partner... All the smaller parties have indicated they want to be able to make choices about who they support. We respect that," Mr English said. 

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said: "I think we have to be prepared for anything. It may well be that the special votes become important in this election in which case, that will take some time."

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