Engineering expos push for more women, young people to enter industry

Engineering is still a man's world, but over the next week, the industry is pushing for more women and young people to get involved in the industry.

Thousands of eager visitors from around the country are attending the engineering expos in three different locations around the country this weekend.

Engineering NZ says the country is in desperate need of more engineers, particularly women, in a workforce which is both male-dominated and ageing.

Currently, women make up only 14 per cent of the engineering workforce, and the average age of engineers is around 42, with more than five per cent over the age of 65.

GHD transport engineer Charlotte French says the expos "gets the kids thinking about what are those strong shapes to create structures that you see in this world today".

Harrison Grierson managing director Glen Cornelius says the children "are loving getting involved in building things".

"At the heart of engineering is being able to have your creative side come out," he said.

ARA Institute of Canterbury ambassador Emily Stephens said, "We need to get out there more and show the guys females can do what guys can do".

In addition to the expos, 30 engineering firms will be hosting students throughout the week, encouraging them to enter the engineering profession.

Engineering is still a man's world but new gadgets are designed to get more woman and young people enthused. Source: 1 NEWS