Energy Minister accuses fuel companies in NZ of 'cynical behaviour' says millions going from pockets of ordinary Kiwis due to inflated prices

Energy Minister Megan Woods says quite possibly people are paying above the odds when it comes to fuel in New Zealand after a leaked email from BP revealed possible price gouging practices.

Ms Woods had a meeting with BP executives at Parliament today and accused them of "cynical behaviour". Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Woods met with BP officials at Parliament tonight for an explanation and says she was "unconvinced" by their arguments.

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"We could be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth going from the pockets of ordinary people and to the fuel companies," Ms Woods said after the meeting.

She says the fuel companies are guilty of "cynical behaviour" when it comes to setting fuel prices in New Zealand and it wasn't just an isolated case with BP.

However, she said the meeting with BP was constructive and they have co-operated with government in the past giving information on pricing when requested.

Ms Woods has given BP a letter and will send it to other fuel companies outlining her views and the next steps as an amendment to a law looks to be read in Parliament in the coming weeks in regards to the issue.