'An enemy of our country' - Scott Morrison makes no apology after stripping citizenship of woman detained in Turkey

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today made no apology after stripping the citizenship of a woman detained in Turkey - which saw Jacinda Ardern accuse the trans-Tasman neighbour of abdicating its responsibilities.

Responsibility essentially lays in the hands of New Zealand, despite Ardern previously asking Australia to work together over the woman's status.

The woman had citizenship in New Zealand and across the Tasman, until Canberra revoked her Australian citizenship.

Australian broadcaster ABC reports the woman is Suhayra Aden, who travelled to Syria "several years ago to live under Islamic State".

"My job is Australia’s interest," Scott Morrison said today. "It's my job as the Australia Prime Minister to put Australia's national security interests first."

"I think all Australian's would agree to that."

He said laws passed in Australia automatically cancel the citizenship of a dual citizen "when they’ve been engaged in terrorist activities of that nature". 

"That has been a known part of Australian law for some time. I understand the New Zealand Government has some issues with that."

"Australia’s interest here is that we do not want to see a terrorist who fought with terrorist organisations enjoying privileges of citizenship, which I think they forfeit the second they gauge as an enemy of our country."

Earlier, Ardern said it was "wrong that New Zealand should shoulder the responsibility for a situation involving a woman who has not lived in New Zealand since she was six, has resided in Australia since that time, has her family in Australia and left for Syria from Australia on her Australian passport".

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Jacinda Ardern strongly criticised Australia’s decision, after the individual moved from New Zealand when they were six. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes after the Turkish Ministry of Defence tweeted that three New Zealand nationals tried to "enter our country illegally from Syria".

Vision released shows a woman and two children. It added they were caught by border guards and had terrorist links. 

They were a resident in Australia and then "became an Australian citizen, left from Australia to Syria and travelled on an Australian passport". 

Ardern said at this time New Zealand raised its concerns with Australia "around resolving if in the eventuality in their detention, or potential return, for whom the responsibility for those individuals should reside". 

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A 26-year-old woman with alleged terrorist ties is among those captured, according to Turkish officials. Source: Breakfast

"Our very strong view on behalf of New Zealand and New Zealanders was that this individual was clearly most appropriately dealt with by Australia.

"That is where their family reside, that is where their links reside and that is where the place from which they departed for Syria."