Endangered native seabird rescued after bypassing security at TVNZ in Auckland

An endangered New Zealand seabird bypassed security at TVNZ in Auckland today, needing to be rescued from a stairwell inside the building.

The tuckered out Hutton's shearwater was rescued by TVNZ staff member and self-confessed animal lover Jade Schutte this morning. 

"I found the bird hiding in a little hole, brought it inside and put it in a box and gave it water.

"It was super tired and snuggled up to sleep instantly," Ms Schutte said.

She called the local SPCA, who prioritised the pick-up of the endangered native.

Fenton Rigby from the Auckland SPCA told 1 NEWS it was rare to see the seabird so far away from its natural habitat out on the water.

"It may have been exhausted or hit by a car, it's hard to tell," Mr Rigby said.

After examining the bird Mr Rigby said the wings were still symmetrical and it seemed to be in relatively good health. A vet will inspect it further at the SPCA.

Juvenile seagull rescued from TVNZ in Auckland.
Juvenile seagull rescued from TVNZ in Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

The Hutton's shearwater are endemic to Kaikoura and only breed in the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges at high elevation but they're not to fly further afield.

A busy day for birds at TVNZ Auckland also saw a juvenile seagull needing to be rescued by the Auckland SPCA.

The Hutton's Shearwater appeared to be exhausted, appearing far from its natural habitat out at sea. Source: 1 NEWS