Emotional reunion as conservation dog Flint returns home after surviving on remote island south of NZ

Conservation dog Flint had a heartwarming reunion with his handler today after they were separated on a remote island south of New Zealand.

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Flint the Jack Russell-Fox sniffs out rodents, but the other day Flint ran into trouble and ended up trapped on the Campbell Islands, several-hundred kilometres south of NZ. Source: Seven Sharp

Flint, a pest detection dog, ran off when he was spooked by a sea lion on Campbell Island.

With severe weather closing in and the search proving fruitless, his handler Richard Johnston was forced to leave the dog behind as the rest of the team headed back to New Zealand.

With Flint wearing a muzzle and unable to eat, another rescue effort was quickly mounted from Dunedin.

They managed to retrieve the dog and fly him back to New Zealand on Friday, but Mr Johnston didn't make it back until today.

Rodent detector dog Flint and his handler, Richard Johnston. Source: Supplied

Seven Sharp was at Wellington Airport for the emotional reunion - with many a belly rub to be had.

"When we were coming back and it got piped over the intercoms [that Flint had been rescued], there was a huge cheer over the boat and the whole morale of the ship was lifted," Johnston said.