Emergency service worker took four hours to get to work because of Auckland checkpoint, National MP says

National's Hunua MP Andrew Bayly says he's been contacted by people "frustrated" they can't travel into Auckland for work.

Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Bayly issued a statement this evening outlining what he says their issues are.

“I have been contacted by large numbers of people who have expressed frustration at what they say is inconsistency around who can and cannot cross the border into Auckland," he said.

“This has serious implications. I have heard from an Auckland emergency services worker who took four hours to get to work today, hindering this essential service.

“The problem many are facing is they have been told the exemptions they had to work under Alert Level 4 are now invalid. Making people and businesses reapply for fresh exemptions at such short notice has caused a lot of stress and frustration."

Mr Bayly say he's aware of numerous businesses with exemptions to operate under Level 3, but they "can't get staff into Auckland".

“The police are doing what they can to manage the situation but it is clear that the Government has not done a good enough job of handling this process.”

He's called on the Government to fix the issues.