Eleven-year-old entrepreneur comes up with beeswax solution to reduce plastic waste

Williams’s Wraps is a story of youthful enterprise based entirely round the family dining table.

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What started as a fundraising idea is now a booming business for young William. Source: Seven Sharp

"Today, we are going to make beeswax wraps, it’s not super difficult once you've gotten used to it," William Singh told Seven Sharp.

The 11-year-old has had to get used to the runaway demand for his waxy creations, a substitute for plastic wraps like Glad Wrap and reduce plastic waste. 

"I was really happy when I got my first order online for three wraps," he said

The wraps were meant to be a slow but steady earner for a school trip to Japan, way over the horizon sometime next year, but the $1600 he needed for the trip has already been surpassed, with the focus now on spending money.

"I didn't expect it to just suddenly blow up," a smiling William said.

The beeswax wraps also include coconut oil and pine rosin, which contains antibacterial properties.

The New Zealand-made product’s Facebook page has exploded with orders.

"He's doing phenomenally well, I don't think I was making that sort of money at his age, I don't think I was earning any money at that age,” William’s laughing dad Sid said.

"Definitely a good learning experience for him and for us, nothing beats family time making beeswax wraps,” William’s mum Jess said.