Eleven more cases of coronavirus confirmed in New Zealand

There have been 11 more cases of coronavirus in New Zealand, taking the total to 39.

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There are now 39 confirmed cases in New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

The Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says most of them are related to overseas travel, but some cases were only confirmed recently.

Five of the new cases are in Auckland, while two are in Waikato, two in Wellington, one in Canterbury and one in Hawke's Bay. 

None of the new cases are in hospital. 

Yesterday's confirmed case in Southland, who was hospitalised, was a man in his 60s who remains in stable condition at Queenstown Hospital, Mr Bloomfield said. 

"We continue to identify through testing and isolate to ensure we can stamp out Covid-19." 

All 150 close contacts from Logan Park School have tested negative after a student at the Dunedin school was confirmed as positive last week.

The school will now reopen after thorough cleaning next Tuesday but those contacts will remain in isolation for the full 14 day period. 

Both Dunedin cases previously announced and were being treated as possible community spread links have been identified as having clear links to overseas travel.

Dr Bloomfield reinforced for those in self-isolation, that the situation is not 'social isolation' encouraging people to keep communicating with others. 

"Talking to people, checking in with others not only helps us stay connected but it's good for our wellbeing." 

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Indoor gatherings of more than a 100 are now banned but it doesn't apply to schools, workplaces, supermarkets and public transport. Source: 1 NEWS

He also encouraged those hosting gatherings even below the government ban of 100 people, should think seriously about the risk it could have. 

"We all have to adapt to this new reality, however this is very important that we do implement and collectively act on this expectation...organisers of gatherings of any size, even if they are within the limits, need to assess the risk they pose to attendees and the community." 

The Ministry of Health has now also created a dedicated email address for people currently in self isolation which is dedicated at providing 'multi-agency assistance' from health, immigration and police;

Dr Ashley Bloomfield says the emails from people who are confirmed to have coronavirus, along with their identified close contacts will be prioritised.